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Zuza Bohley

Executive Director

Zuza Bohley is an anthropologist and trained ethnographer. She was born and raised in former East Germany during the Cold War, deported at gunpoint at age 14, and was sold as a political prisoner for 50,000 Marks. She completed her high school, college, and first master's degree in West Berlin and came to the United States as a Fulbright exchange student. She is married to a Mexican native and has two grown children and two young grad daughters.

Zuza is a community activist and connector. She works with the United Nations Association, with Americas for Conservation + the Arts, and is deeply connected with social and environmental justice organizations and campaigns. Zuza has been active with BCIV for the past 8 years and took over the executive officer’s role in January 2022. She is passionate about health, the environment, and equitable actions.

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