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Short Term Visitor Program
Long Term Visitor Program

Short term visitor programs consist of making professional appointments and planning social activities for the U.S. State Department's International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) participants.


These visitors, who are emerging leaders in their own country, are chosen by personnel at U.S. overseas embassies, and usually spend three weeks in the USA visiting four or five cities. Often the visitor is accompanied by an English Language Officer or interpreter.


We can always use assistance in planning these programs, or in accompanying the visitor around Boulder, or in hosting dinners.


The Council hosts potluck dinners during the year in which each person is asked to bring a dish to share which will feed 8-10 persons. It is also important to bring plates, cutlery and cups for personal use. There are often special potluck events such as a Thanksgiving Dinner, Holiday party and a summer picnic.

Home Hospitality

We connect international visitors with local families for family dinners. If you are interested in hosting an international visitor, please reach out to Zuza Bohley ( to express your interest.

Long term visitor programs involve making contact with international visitors who come to Boulder for an extended stay. Many are associated with the University (faculty or students) or are working in one of the federal labs, or in private Institutions.


BCIV attempts to contact these visitors and invite them to meetings in order that they may interact with and, hopefully, strike up a friendship with local residents.


Past Programs

Renewable Energy and Sustainability

South Africa

This group visited the National Renewable Energy Institute Wind Center. They learned more about microgrids. They also visited the Boulder County Energy Smart Office

Small Business Development and Entreprenuership


This group met with Cultiva! Project of growing gardens as well as the Director of the Techtonic Academy. They also met with the owners of the Rayback Collective and the Manager of the Boulder Farmers' Market

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