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The Boulder Council for International Visitors and its Role in the IVLP

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Every year, thousands of professionals from around the world are invited by the US State Department to visit and explore the United States. From Kosovo to Kurdistan, international visitors are brought from around the world and toured across the U.S. to not only engage in professional education programming and immersive experiences in their fields, but to learn about and experience American culture.

Known as the International Visitor Leadership Program, or IVLP, the State Department’s premier professional exchange program plays a critical role in bringing together current and emerging leaders from various global fields to engage in professional development while getting to explore and learn more about American culture firsthand and create lasting relationships with their American counterparts.

However, the State Department can’t manage the monumental breadth of such a complex program by itself. That’s where the Boulder Council for International Visitors comes in. The BCIV is one of the many community organizations across 44 states that collaborate with the IVLP. From the start of an IVLP trip to the end, programming, travel, and accommodations are put together by organizations like the BCIV as a visiting group travels across the country.

So, what makes the IVLP so vital to global cooperation and stability? Let's delve deeper into it.

People-to-People Diplomacy:

By nurturing one-on-one exchanges, the IVLP significantly contributes to international understanding and peace. The unique blend of professional meetings and cultural visits fosters lasting relationships between international visitors and their American counterparts. These interactions facilitate mutual understanding, create common grounds, and promote dialogue between different nations [1].

Empowering Leaders:

The IVLP identifies and empowers emerging leaders from various sectors worldwide. More than 200,000 leaders, including 500 current or former heads of state or government, have been involved in the IVLP. By broadening their horizons, these leaders can positively influence their home countries and beyond [1].

Promoting Cross-Cultural Understanding:

By involving interpreters who serve as cultural bridges, the IVLP not only facilitates language translation but also promotes cultural understanding. Such understanding plays a pivotal role in enhancing peaceful relations among nations, fostering a sense of unity despite diversity [2].

Transforming Global Challenges into Opportunities:

Through the recent initiative of IVLP Impact Awards, IVLP alumni get an opportunity to implement innovative projects addressing challenges in their home communities. With grants of up to $5,000, these projects focus on key foreign policy priorities, such as countering disinformation, advancing climate solutions, addressing democracy, peace, and security challenges, and more. This initiative transforms global problems into opportunities for collaboration and progress [3].

Boulder Council's Role

The Boulder Council for International Visitors (BCIV) plays an instrumental role in bolstering the reach and impact of the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP). Serving as a vibrant hub of commerce, tourism, and industry, Colorado is a critical node in the United States' economy, hosting an array of companies with expertise spanning from aerospace engineering to innovative agricultural practices.

Colorado’s rich diversity renders it an ideal destination for participants in the IVLP, with the unique array of industries and cultural experiences offering a multifaceted perspective of American life. Over the years, the BCIV has adeptly facilitated this program for numerous IVLP visiting groups, welcoming hundreds of international participants.

By forging connections between these global visitors and Colorado's industry professionals, the BCIV plays a pivotal role in promoting 'people to people' diplomacy. This process fosters a broader international understanding of American culture, lifestyle, and business practices, demonstrating the vital importance of BCIV's contribution to enhancing global relations.

Support the BCIV

Do you want to join the BCIV in our mission to foster international understanding and cooperation? There are a number of ways you can help!

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