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Catherine Brooks

Board Member

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Catherine Brooks is an artist and author with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in printmaking. In her first career in the arts as a Master Printer, Catherine worked at world famous studios in Paris, France and San Francisco, California, where she collaborated with many renowned artists. After the publication of her book, Magical Secrets about Line Etching and Engraving The Step-by-Step Art of Incised Lines (2007), Catherine had the privilege of teaching her craft at schools and community studios throughout the U.S. and Europe. The richness of the exchanges during her international teaching tours inspired Catherine to transition from the arts to cultural diplomacy by joining the U.S. Department of State’s team of International Visitor Liaisons. While working for the International Visitor Leadership Program, Catherine has had the pleasure and privilege of meeting individuals from all over the world and from many different professional backgrounds.


Catherine has lived in Boulder since 2015. She is a mother of two. She enjoys the outdoors and writing about Nature, anthropology and spirituality. 


M. Catherine Brooks, M.F.A.



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