Boulder Council for International Visitors (BCIV) was founded in 1962 as a non-profit volunteer organization.  It was founded to encourage understanding and friendship between the community and its visitors from abroad.  B.C.I.V. provides information, hospitality, and assistance in making business and professional contacts for these visitors. BCIV is a Member of Global Ties U.S, a national network now celebrating half a century of leadership in citizen diplomacy. 

Boulder Council for International Visitors

BCIV History One local organization (BFIS) and several individuals were responsible for BCIV's founding. During 1961-62 Kathleen Ellinghaus, Chair of the Boulder Friends of International Students (founded in l948), received numerous calls from persons who were, or who had contacts with, international visitors in theBoulder community. These inquiries were requests for services similar to those provided by BFIS for students at the University of Colorado....friendship families, conversational English, coffees for wives and other opportunities to interact with Boulder citizens. The need for another group became apparent. Mrs. Ellinghaus appointed Vi Waggoner to head the committee to implement these plans. Many members of BFIS joined CHIV which later became BCIV. 

Expand Your World campaign with Michelle Kwan (Click Here)
Michelle Kwan is a new spokesperson for the U.S. Department of State "International Visitor Leadership Program" (IVLP).  If you are interested in meeting some of the international  leaders coming to us through this program, there are many short-term volunteer opportunities available to you through your involvement with the Boulder Council for International 'visitors (BCIV).
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